The Zephyr

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Introducing the Zephyr...

Growing up, I've always had a passion for quality and value. I believe in products that can we can live with, that age gracefully alongside us. I've also become an admirer of value, looking for products that offer much more than their competitors, while remaining affordable.

Fine watches often align with this philosophy of quality. They can last lifetimes, if properly built and maintained. However, these timepieces can be extraordinarily expensive, both to buy and maintain. I found that many pieces that I would love to have owned were far out of my grasp. As my passion for watches grew, I became determined to create watches that would offer world-class quality, but are actually within the reach of everyone.

In the 1960s, the Italian army issued a handful of chronograph watches to its forces. These chronographs were used by soldiers and pilots every day, and a few survive to this day. I was, like many others, instantly struck by the incredible design, clean and simple, but strikingly beautiful. Taking this inspiration, I founded Aurelos Watches to combine my two passions: incredible design and creating unparalleled value in products that are within the grasp of everyone.

This is the origin story of the Zephyr. We built off this vintage design, perfecting each detail for the modern eye, and brought state of the art production to create a unique watch. The watch we are now offering is the ultimate expression of this philosophy. It offers timeless design, with all the modern production techniques that combine to create a watch that can last a lifetime.